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What is the ATAPS Program

The ATAPS Program is funded by the Northern Territory Primary Health Network and Psych Solutions NT has been an ATAPS Provider since September 2013. The aim of the ATAPS program is to provide access to short-term effective, free treatment for individuals, with a mild to moderate mental illness, by funding mental health professionals and/or organisations, to deliver Psychological Therapy Services, in communities that would otherwise have little or no access to mental health services.
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ATAPS Referral Process

To find out whether you are eligible to receive ATAPS services clients will need to speak with their GP. This will involve discussing your current mental health concerns as well as your ability to afford sessions if not referred either via ATAPS or with a Mental Health Plan.

If you are eligible the GP will organise a referral along with a Mental Health Plan that will be sent to the ATAPS Triage Service run by Catholic Care. If you specifically would like to see one of our Psychologists please make sure you request Psych Solutions NT.

The ATAPS program has the following objectives:

  • Provide psychological care services to people with diagnosable mild, moderate to severe mental illnesses or to individuals who have attempted, or are at risk of, suicide and self-harm in areas with limited mental health care access
  • Provide evidence-based psychological interventions within a primary care setting
  • Allow individuals with limited access to MBS subsidised mental ...
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a provisional referral?

Provisional referrals are referrals made by occupational therapists, psychologists, social workers, mental health nurses, school psychologists and counselors, ATSI health workers, principals and deputy principals, early childhood service directors and medical officers from non-government organisations. These kinds of ATAPS referrals can only be accepted if the client cannot get a GP referral. Provisional referrals must still be supported with a MHCP within two weeks after the referral was issued.

What is the difference between ATAPS and Better Access
Initiative referral pathways?


What are the specific priority groups that are targeted
under the ATAPS program?