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Our Team of Psychologists

Psych Solutions NT was established in 2012 by Principal Psychologist Kerry Williams. Since then we have been providing an extensive range of psychological treatment and assessment services in Darwin and across the Northern Territory. The practice has recently expanded to South Australia.

Kerry Williams

Kerry Williams is the Director and Principal Psychologist at Psych Solutions NT. Kerry has a wide range of qualifications including a Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology from the University of South Australia, BA Honours Psychology from Charles Darwin University, Diploma of Special Education from Finders University, and a BA in Politics and History from Adelaide University.

Kerry is a member of the Australian Psychology Society (APS) and was a previous committee member of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Interest Group. She was the ... Read more
Kerry Williams — Psych Solutions In Leanyer, NT
Ilonka Guse-Brennfleck — Psych Solutions In Leanyer, NT

Ilonka Guse-Brennfleck

Ilonka is a psychologist and counsellor who has been involved in the allied health industry for the past twelve years. Her areas of expertise include the provision of psychological services including psychological assessment, a range of therapies as well as counselling.

lonka has worked with individuals ranging from 5 to 85 years of age as well as couples and families. She has extensive experience working with clients from diverse backgrounds and has acquired significant cross-cultural knowledge. Ilonka is highly regarded with her ability to work with Perinatal clients.

Prior to her career as mental health professional, Ilonka was engaged as teacher and trainer in the education industry. She has worked within the secondary and tertiary systems as well as with private training providers. Ilonka is currently holding the position of Professional Development Officer with the Australian Psychological Society, NT Branch.

Julia Chalmers

Julia is a provisionally-registered psychologist with seven years of experience working in counselling and psychological treatment roles. She has a Bachelor of Behavioural Sciences (Honours). Julia employs an evidence-based approach, drawing from a range of therapies to best suit the client and their needs. She has a special passion in working with people from all cultural backgrounds. She has experience working with individuals, families and groups from different age groups and is a long-term Territorian. She has experience working with clients involved with the criminal justice system in both assessment and treatment roles.

Prior to working in the counselling field, Julia worked in the environment sector where she has a Masters degree in Environmental Studies.

Julia is due to complete full registration in the coming months.
Julia Chalmers — Psych Solutions In Leanyer, NT
Natalie Althouse — Psych Solutions In Leanyer, NT

Natalie Althouse

Natalie is a provisionally registered psychologist with seven years’ experience working in counselling, psychological assessment and special education roles.

Natalie has a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Honours) which she attained through Charles Darwin University. Natalie is a born and bred Territorian who has lived in Darwin her entire life. Natalie is a proud Aboriginal woman with family connections in the Katherine region and Alice Springs.

Natalie is passionate about working with Aboriginal youth and people with intellectual ... Read more

Psych Solutions NT - Other Staff

The Business is managed by Business Manager and Co-Director Dave Richardson.
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