Child Protection Services

Happy Children — Child Protection Services In Leanyer, NT

Northern Territory

Psych Solutions NT is a member of the Territory Families Panel for the provision of Medical and Allied Health Specialist Services (awarded in 2020) to provide a range of holistic services that are available to children and young people and their family, foster or family carers who are:

  • In Out of Home Care or at risk of entering Out of Home Care
  • Involved with the Youth Justice System or in Detention
  • Determined to require services at the discretion of the Territory Families CEO.

Services provided by Psych Solutions are offered across the NT and include both Therapy/Treatment and Assessment Services. For referrals please speak to your Territory Families Caseworker.
Indigenous kids— Child Protection Services In Leanyer, NT
Care Concept Parenthood — Child Protection Services In Leanyer, NT

South Australia

Psych Solutions SA is also a Panel Member for the provision of Psychological Services for Children and Young People for the Department of Child Protection in South Australia (awarded in 2019/20). This includes the provision of therapy services for children/young people and conducting Parenting Capacity Assessments. Referrals are made via Principal Clinical Psychologists based in the Department of Child Protection.