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Community-Based Psychological Care

Psych Solutions NT is a thriving private practice established in July 2012 by Principal Psychologist Kerry Williams and since that time has provided the full range of treatment and assessment services across the Northern Territory. The practice has also recently expanded to South Australia.
Psych Solutions NT has been an Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) Provider since October 2013, servicing the full range of ATAPS clients, including adults, children/adolescents, perinatal clients, Indigenous clients and Suicide Prevention clients.
Our team has built a solid reputation over the years as a provider of psychological assessment work. This includes forensic and clinical assessments across a diverse range of settings from Child Protection, Criminal, Juvenile Justice, Medical, Family Law to Parole Board and Adult Guardianship. We also have contractual arrangements with Territory Families as well as the South Australian Department of Child Protection.


We are grateful to the following organisations:

  • Northern Territory Primary Health Network (ATAPS and Residential Aged Care Programs)
  • Territory Families, NT Government (Medical and Allied Health Specialist Services Panel)
  • NT Correctional Services/Court Referrals, NT Government (Assessment Services)
  • Department of Child Protection, Government of South Australia (Psychological Services Panel for Children and Young People)

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Group of Friends — Psychologists in Leanyer, NT
Our referral pathways include ATAPS referrals for clients with a Mental Health Plan or as part of the Better Access to Mental Health Care Program. We also offer employee, private-insured and private full-paying referrals.
The ATAPS Program helps individuals access short-term free treatment for up to 12 sessions in a calendar year.
Our team provides a wide range of treatment approaches catering for the full range of mental health presentations. Each approach is personalised according to the unique needs of every client.

Psych Solutions NT is a known provider of psychological assessment services for various agencies and organisations, including experience in both criminal and civil court settings.
Psych Solutions NT is a provider of holistic psychological services to children, young people and families who are involved with the Child Protection, Out of Home Care and Youth Justice sectors.
Our Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) Psychological Treatment Program is especially tailored for RACF residents with mental illness or those at risk of ... Read more
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