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Blooming Flowers — Residential Aged Care Program In Leanyer, NT

Residential Aged Care Pilot Program

The Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) Psychological Treatment Program aims to enable residents of RACFS with Mental Illness, or at risk of developing mental illness, to access In-Reach Mental Health Services. Since May 2019 Psych Solutions has been funded by the NT Primary Health Services to provide services to at least one Residential Aged Care Facility in Darwin, which is the Terrace Gardens Facility in Palmerston run by Australian Regional and Remote Community Services (ARRCS).
The aim of the program is to provide low intensity and evidence based psychological services to clients presenting as mildly depressed or anxious, experiencing difficulty adjusting to changes, or coping with loss.

We work hand-in-hand

Our work at Terrace Gardens has involved collaboratively working with staff, both clinical and non-clinical, in delivering individual and group therapy sessions (a highly successful Music Group), servicing both indigenous and non-indigenous clients with feedback received to date that our treatment approach is having a beneficial impact on residents. The work at Terrace Gardens has also included the development of a working MOU that provides a basis a collaborative working relationship with Terrace Gardens, a program flyer, a unique RACF referral form and initial steps in developing a pre and post intervention measures model. Project work has also included the initial steps in the development of a best practice framework.
Elderly man with walking stick— Residential Aged Care Program In Leanyer, NT

For further information and potential referral options please feel free to make contact with our Business Manager Dave Richardson.